Prevention and Detection of Forest Fires, Landslides, and Natural Disasters


In the fight against natural disasters, including forest fires, landslides, and other events, the implementation of an automatic detection system that can identify early changes in the environment is crucial. This system goes beyond fire detection and includes the ability to monitor and detect events such as landslides, strong and rapid water flows, rockfalls, and mudslides.

  • Works in the infrared range Spectrum 8~14μm
  • Resolution 640×512
  • 24/7 control
  • Transmission of Real-time video via HOTSPOT to the operator's monitor
  • Long range distance – up to 10 km

SQ Natural Disasters: The Ideal System for Early Detection

SQ Natural Disasters, effective for its early fire detection capabilities, also excels in the surveillance and detection of various natural disasters. With the goal of promptly detecting the presence of fires, landslides, strong water flows, rockfalls, or mudslides, the SQ Natural Disasters system utilizes thermal imaging technology.

By utilizing infrared cameras, the SQ Natural Disasters system captures and analyzes the temperature distribution within the monitored area, allowing for the early detection of changes in the background. Whether it is a fire, landslide, strong water flow, rockfall, or mudslide, SQ Natural Disasters can automatically identify and locate these events.

Comprehensive Control and Monitoring Capabilities

The SQ Natural Disasters system software provides extensive remote control functionality for all installed cameras. Users can configure monitoring zones, set recording functions, and perform in-depth data analysis, ensuring efficient and effective surveillance.


  • SF THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA is programmed for early detection of incidents - such as fire, landslides, accidents, flooding and others.
  • The SF THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA via CONTROLLER SIGNAL A determines the coordinates of the incident and automatically sends an alert to the operators

Reliable and Versatile Operation

To ensure uninterrupted operation, the SQ Natural Disasters system can function as an autonomous system powered by photovoltaic panels. Furthermore, using advanced LoRaWAN technology it supports various communication options such as 4G, Wimax, and others, enabling long-distance operation and data transmission.

By implementing the SQ Natural Disasters system, forest fire prevention and detection can be significantly improved, along with the early detection of other natural disasters. This comprehensive solution not only safeguards forests but also enhances overall safety by providing timely warnings and facilitating rapid response measures in the face of fire, landslides, strong water flows, rockfalls, and mudslides.