SF SMART RESORT - a solution for resorts with active and extreme recreation. Implementing an autonomous IoT system to quickly respond to customer alerts, track rescue teams, and monitor the location of assets improves the safety of your guests, reduces resort management costs, and adds value to your business. Your guests will feel more confident knowing that in an emergency, they can use the SOS button - then the resort staff will accurately determine their location and quickly come to the rescue. Your managers will be sure that snowmobiles, jet skis or other rental equipment can always be found using the tracker. With SF SMART RESORT you will improve your resort, attract more customers, stand out from the competition, optimize your security system and, as a result, make more profit.


  • Your peace of mind - you get up-to-date real-time statuses with convenient alerts through mobile and desktop applications.
  • Your autonomy - the system works through its own alternative blockchain network, which is more powerful and productive than the standard Internet via Wi-Fi. We offer resilient LoRaWAN® coverage.
  • Your savings - you reduce the consumption of resources, need less workforce, and save on system maintenance and installation.
  • Durability - devices operate at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C and are resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as rain, hurricane winds, etc.
  • Wide coverage - the range of a single Hotspot is up to 10 km, while you can install an unlimited number of sensors and Hotspots, covering any area.
  • Flexible settings - the ability to connect to various sensors and readers from different manufacturers, while up to 10 types of sensors can be connected to one controller.
  • Easy installation - no need to lay wires, all data is transmitted over the LoRaWan® network, and the sensors are powered by batteries that can work up to 10 years without replacement. Once you install the system, you can use it for years!
  • Mining opportunity - by deploying a device for your purposes, you can simultaneously provide your area and community with kilometers of low-power wireless network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency - HNT.

Solutions included

  • SQ STKYER SOS acts as a billing system identifier (ski pass).
  • Determining the location of users in the resort.
  • Receiving and displaying an SOS signal if assistance is needed.
  • Collection and transmission of data on the state of service vehicles, service systems (elevators, lighting, heating points, etc.).
  • Control of service transport elements, service systems (elevators, lighting, heating points, etc.).
  • Collection of data on the location of rescue vehicles.
  • Transmission of data on the location of the SOS signal to the rescue vehicle and control of the movement of the vehicle to the source of the signal.

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    Main system devices

    Using advanced software, solution providers can create easy-to-learn application scripts to enable a device to meet their application interface protocol requirements, or choose from a set of existing applications provided by SF SMART RESORT. Solution providers can control the behavior of all SQ Series devices, optimizing them for their specific needs without the re-certification or the learning curve typical of embedded firmware.