Series of LoRaWAN® IoT gateways fully compatible with Helium® Network.

Helium® Network - one of the world's first peer-to-peer wireless Internet of Things LoRaWAN® networks, created by the American company Helium® Systems. It provides public, low-power, long-range wireless coverage for IoT sensors and devices with LoRaWAN® support. The ecosystem built around the Helium® Network is constantly growing and evolving.

  • With the introduction of blockchain technology, Helium® Network decentralized the coverage of the LoRaWAN® network, which made it possible to use many different IoT devices (sensors, meters, weather stations, trackers, etc.) anywhere where there is Helium® Network coverage.

LongFi - is a technology, which is a combination of the LoRaWAN® wireless protocol and the Helium® blockchain. Helium® LongFi takes full advantage of LoRa technology while adding the ability for Helium® Hotspot gateway owners to earn Helium® Cryptocurrency (HNT – Helium® Network Token) for providing coverage and transmitting data from IoT devices. Helium® LongFi also provides roaming capabilities and supports micropayment transactions, which means that users whose devices use Helium® Network coverage only pay for the data they transfer.

Helium® Hotspot – is a LoRaWAN® IoT gateway compatible with Helium® Network. Helium® Hotspot is a combination of Helium® Blockchain Miner (HNT earnings) and LoRaWAN® Docker (LoRa packet routing) software based on a Linux compatible operating system in one compact device equipped with the main network interfaces – Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (4G /5G modems, GPS/GNSS positioning modules) and LoRaWAN® radio module – to create radio coverage. Helium® Hotspots come in two types – Full and Light. Helium® cryptocurrency – HNT can only be earned by Full Helium® Hotspot, Light Helium® Hotspot is designed to expand the coverage of the network.

Helium® Network Token (HNT) is a cryptocurrency that is mined by Hostpots during the operation of the wireless IoT network. When connected to a nearby access point, a “proof-of-coverage” is provided, which confirms the actual availability of the LoRa gateway, as well as the corresponding coverage. This confirmation simultaneously triggers the generation of Helium’s® native cryptocurrency, the Helium® Network Token ($HNT), using the gateway’s built-in miner, thereby rewarding Helium® Network members and providing hundreds of square miles of coverage throughout the community. Helium® offers a wireless economy with two units of exchange: HNT (Helium® Network Token) and Data Credits (to connect and use the public open wireless IoT network).