SF SYSTEM Partner Program provides everything you need to quickly create new opportunities, open new business, and ensure success. We’re dedicated to encouraging this partner program and supporting our partners at all levels.

Who are our potential partners?

Integration companies that will communicate with customers around the world and sell, install and maintain the systems we offer.
Become a Partner
SF SYSTEM Partner Program is 3 types of support that will help you build a highly profitable business:


  • Single price for retail sales: All authorized online sales partners must comply with SF SYSTEM'S MAP Policy and adhere to the established minimum promotional price levels.
  • Project protection: SF SYSTEM maintains a favorable environment for trading partners and does not compete with partners by granting them exclusive rights to the project.
  • Performance based margin: We offer both upfront and recurring earning opportunities, as well as special discounts, rebates and refunds from time to time.
  • Customizable features: SF SYSTEM provides OEM services for rebranding, ODM services for developing new features and functions, and White Label services for product’s neutral package.

Marketing support

  • Printed/digital brochures: We offer a certain number of FREE copies of printed brochures to our authorized partners, as well as digital materials for all partners who wish to translate the brochures into local languages and print them out.
  • Digital marketing collateral: everything you need for web pages, newsletters, blogs, printings and social networks can be found with one click.
  • Social posts: SF SYSTEM helps its channel partners to acquire better brand exposure across all social media platforms.
  • Successful partner cases: SF SYSTEM sincerely welcomes all partners and customers to share their success stories with us.
  • Marketing Development Fund: MDF helps our channel partners to better promote products, services and solutions locally, regionally or nationally.
  • Dedicated marketing support specialist.

Technical support

  • Free video tutorials on YouTube - convenient and easy!
  • Free technical support for any SF SYSTEM branded hardware, software and cloud services sold as new and purchased directly from SF System or its authorized distributors/resellers.
  • Webinars & product training - free for anyone who would like to learn more about SF SYSTEM products and services.
  • Software and firmware upgrade to keep you productive and secure in your daily operations.
  • Online product manuals is where almost all customers get started.
We at SF SYSTEM fully understand how difficult it can be to make a profit in today's crowded marketplace, because it is also difficult for us. However, there will always be challenges and competitions, and no one can escape them. All you can and should do is to attract as many potential customers as possible, retain existing customers and encourage them to become your promoters. And the SF SYSTEM Partner Program will help you with this.

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