SF SMART AGRICULTURE is an agricultural solution that is relevant for all types of farmland, from arable land to orchards and small private farms. A fully autonomous IoT system optimizes human labor, increases crop productivity, reduces production costs, and improves the quality of the grown products.

How it works

  • Sensors (LoRa controllers) are installed in fields, greenhouses, orchards and other areas, the condition of which you want to control, and measure the parameters you are interested in: air temperature and humidity, soil moisture, etc.
  • Sensors are connected to SQ CONTROLLER SIGNAL A and transmit data using the LoRaWAN® network.
  • The information collected by the controller from the sensors is transmitted to the Hotspot point, from there - through storage on a cloud server - the data is sent to you or your employees.
  • If necessary, in response to the indicators received, you can run certain actions according to pre-programmed algorithms - turn on watering, increase lighting, etc.
Technical specification
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  • Your peace of mind - you get up-to-date real-time statuses with convenient alerts through mobile and desktop applications.
  • Your autonomy - the system works through its own alternative blockchain network, which is more powerful and productive than the standard Internet via Wi-Fi. We offer resilient LoRaWAN® coverage.
  • Your savings - you reduce the consumption of resources, need less workforce, save on system maintenance and installation.
  • Durability - devices operate at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C and are resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as rain, hurricane winds, etc.
  • Wide coverage - the range of a single Hotspot is up to 10 km, while you can install an unlimited number of sensors and Hotspots, covering any area.
  • Flexible settings - the ability to connect to diverse scope detectors and readers from different manufacturers, while up to 10 types of sensors can be connected to one controller.
  • Easy installation - no need to lay wires, all data is transmitted over the LoRaWan® network, and the sensors are powered by batteries that can work up to 10 years without replacement. Once you install the system, you can use it for years!
  • Mining opportunity - by deploying a device for your purposes, you can simultaneously provide your area and community with kilometers of low-power wireless network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency - HNT.
  • Reduce the human resources to read data info automatically.

Solutions included

  • Soil moisture and health solutions that constantly optimize components for maximum growth.
  • Plant health monitoring to make sure everything is growing big and strong.
  • Irrigation optimization with sensor solutions that measure and monitor ideal irrigation parameters.
  • Remote valve control solutions to keep irrigation and other systems working to peak performance.
  • Environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, air quality, and light to provide constant feedback and optimization in every corner of grow facility.
  • Access monitoring to provide or restrict access and to ensure maximum safety around the field or in the grow facility.
  • Asset tracking to monitor the whereabouts of equipment and supplies.
  • Silo level monitoring to measure and monitor storage.
  • Cattle/livestock health and tracking solutions to measure and monitor the parameters you require for your heard.

Get consultation

    Using advanced software, solution providers can create easy-to-learn application scripts to enable a device to meet their application interface protocol requirements, or select from a set of existing applications provided by SF SMART AGRICULTURE. Solution providers can control the behavior of all SQ Series devices, optimizing them for their specific needs without the re-certification or the learning curve typical of embedded firmware.

    Technical specification
    File type: application/pdf
    File size: 9.14 MB