10 December 2022

Real energy efficiency with SF SMART ENERGY: indicators and figures

Using renewable energy sources is not only good for the #environment but also beneficial for energy producers — especially when equipping solar, wind, and #hydropower plants with SF SYSTEM devices. Implementing the SF SMART ENERGY system will help make renewable energy smarter and more sustainable: greater control over production leads to better cost management and reduced waste.

In particular, according to the results of our measurements, the use of SF SYSTEM devices for the control, management, and maintenance of power generation systems can ⚡ reduce costs by 30% and increase energy efficiency by 22% due to reduced equipment downtime. In addition, the use of LoRaWAN® devices makes it possible to regularly transmit sensor-monitored operational parameters directly to the SCADA control room, which can ⚡ reduce the cost of expanding such systems by 20%.

What other benefits does the use of SF SMART ENERGY bring to producers of electricity from renewable sources — Read more.