SQ TRACKER TRANSPORT - a tag that provides seamless 2D indoor and outdoor locations for campuses, breaking the price/performance barrier. Offering long battery life, the tracker belongs to a generation of easy-to-program tags that can be adapted to all kinds of people and object tracking applications.

  • Long battery-life.

  • Easy tracker installation.

  • Real-time location tracking applications that are event driven.


  • LoRa Protocols: LoRa Class A/C or LoRaWAN® Class A/C.

  • Wireless NFC charging and data port (USB 5V).

  • Build-in Li-Ion wireless rechargeable battery with data transfer via NFC.

  • LoRa: U.S. 915 MHz, E.U. 868 MHz and other LoRa regional standard frequencies available.

  • OTA Updates: local or via LoRa.

  • Programmable Dev, App key and Dev ID, OTAA activation.

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C.

  • Operating Humidity Range: < 100% non-condensing.

Leveraging the network console, solution providers can effortlessly craft easy-to-learn application scripts, empowering devices to comply with application interface protocol requirements or seamlessly integrate with a variety of existing applications offered by SF SMART CITY. Solution providers can control the behavior of SQ TRACKER TRANSPORT, optimizing device for their specific needs without the re-certification or the learning curve typical of embedded firmware.


  • Configurable GNSS (GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo etc.) based location determination.

  • LoRaWAN® for preparation, log download and data transfer. Local or via LoRa firmware update.

  • Small size – equivalent to security badge.

  • > 6,000 locates per charge / 60+ days at 100 locates per day.

  • IP67 Water / Shock resistant.

  • Low power real-time clock (RTC).

  • Built-in NFC chip.

The SQ TRACKER TRANSPORT is ideal for near real-time location tracking applications that are event-driven. The tag can wake on a variety of events, collecting and reporting location, temperature, and other information.

For personal use:

  • Monitoring the position and time of the car at any time
  • Save travel routes
  • Car security control (tracking in case of car theft)
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Smart city

For urban infrastructure

  • Asset tracking for medical, warehouse and campus logistics
  • Tracking the movement of municipal vehicles
  • Control of position and speed of movement at a point
  • Equipment search
  • Traffic management control

In country and international use

  • Shipment verification
  • Tracking logistics transportation routes
  • Movement detection
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Trip logging
  • Can be used in toll road systems