SQ STKYER SOS is the best universal movement and motion sensor with SOS button. It is equipped with a groundbreaking high-performance LoRaWAN® radio.

  • You can connect ten, twenty, or more SQ STKYER SOSs to form a network of motion sensors which can keep people safe in dangerous situations.


  • With customizable GNSS-based positioning (GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo, etc.) accurately locates up to 50 centimeters.

  • Transmits a quick signal about the exact location of a person when the SOS button is pressed.

  • Location Engine eliminates the complex development work and technical systems required to integrate, optimize, and secure your outdoor / indoor GPS asset tracking solution.

  • Securely provision, monitor, and remotely manage Edge devices over-the-air at scale.

  • Resolves GNSS scan data to locations and manages Wi-Fi Access Points, Cell Tower timing data or LoRaWAN® Geolocation lookups in the cloud (versus on-device) for significant power savings.

  • Efficient almanac file updates with estimated position and time reference to maximize the accuracy and performance of GNSS scans.

  • TCP Direct or HTTPS Webhook integration options to send data to IoT platform.

  • Environmental:

    • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Operating Humidity Range: < 100% non-condensing

  • IP68 waterproof housing for extreme durability.

With a high performance antenna, SQ STKYER SOS can provide security and monitoring for large campuses, estates, farms and wherever there are many facilities or assets scattered without access to electricity or broadband.