Rich Industrial Interfaces. Integrating multiple and various kinds of industrial interfaces for monitoring and controlling field sensors or devices simultaneously thanks to LoRaWAN®.

  • Compact size, fit into limited space.

  • Strong secure (encrypted) connection when used in blockchain-based IoT network up to 10 km.

  • Interfaces: RS232, CAN, RS485, MODBUS, SCADA, DLMS/COSEM, GPIO.

  • Can be connected to various detectors and readers.

  • 10 sensors for different purposes can be connected at the same time.

With a brand look and compact size, SQ CONTROLLER SIGNAL A is specially designed to be low-cost and highly efficient. The pocket-sized design allows it to easily fit into small cabinets or machines when space is extremely limited.

Equipped with interfaces, RS232, CAN, RS485, MODBUS, SCADA, DLMS/COSEM, GPIO can connect with diverse scope detectors and readers. With a built-in LORA transceiver, strong and reliable data transmission up to 10 km. Also, its rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) make it perfectly working in the harsh environment. Among other advantages: ultra-low power consumption, the ability to simultaneously connect up to 10 sensors for various purposes.
The controller manages low-current devices: anti-flood, a tap for the irrigation system, a lighting switch, starting the climate system, turning off the water, turning off the light, and adjusting the heating.